Chemistry for Conservators and Curators


Chemistry is an important requirement for conservation practice, at the same time it is mostly found a little difficult to understand by many conservators and curators. This online course is an attempt to bridge the gap between the conservators/curators and basic chemistry. The instructors are experienced science teachers and conservators. The topics that this course intends to cover are:

1. Stoichiometry: The Arithmetic of Chemistry
2. Oxidation Reduction reactions
3. Chemical Equilibrium
4. Acid bases
5. Acid base equilibrium
6. Solubility equilibrium
7. Organic chemistry

The classes would be conducted online every Sunday at 1 pm IST and would be repeated on Monday 7 PM (IST). These would be 1 hour long classes followed by half an hour interactive session.
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What You'll Learn

  • 01

    • 1 Solubility equilibrium
    • 2 Acid base equilibrium
    • 3 Acid bases
    • 4 Chemical Equilibrium
    • 5 Oxidation Reduction reactions
    • 6 Stoichiometry: The Arithmetic of Chemistry
  • 02

  • 03

    • 7 Organic chemistry