Conservation of paper based museum and archival material -2



This course is for beginners in practical conservation of paper based cultural material. It would discuss the methodology, decision making, materials and techniques used in conservation of paper. It is a month-long course, where participants would be able to learn in an hour-long interactive sessions online. The lessons will be online on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays through the month of March and April 2022 (15 March - 7 April).

Lesson Schedule :

15 March 2022 Condition Assessment and Documentation
17 March 2022Surface cleaning methods
19 March 2022Wet cleaning methods including localized treatment
22 March 2022Material and techniques of mending and lining/backing
24 March 2022Prevention and Treatment of microbial and insect infestation
5 April 2022 Basic chemistry for Paper Conservation
7 April 2022Concluding session

Course fee : Rs. 5000/-

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What You'll Learn

  • 1 CPBM22: Condition Assessment and Documentation
  • 2 CPBM22: Surface cleaning methods
  • 3 CPBM22: Wet cleaning methods including localized treatments
  • 4 CPBM22: Material and techniques of mending and lining/backing
  • 5 CPBM22: Prevention and treatment of bio-deterioration