Conservation of Archival Material

Conservation of archival material is a specialized field of work. We need to understand the structure and chemistry of paper, ink, binders, adhesives etc. This video is actually making a tough job seem quite easy. Whenever we need to separate two surfaces/layers, we need to understand many things about those two surfaces. One of the very basic and most important is that according to the … Continue reading Conservation of Archival Material

Beginning of a story writing job

Namita “Sometimes professions are created and offered to you as a gift!” I never planned to be a conservator (of cultural property). I was just a curious kid who wanted to know about life, how living bodies work, how the whole world works?! I had very good artistic skills too. Was doing B.Sc and just wanted to do research in biotechnology or genetics someday. But, … Continue reading Beginning of a story writing job

Treatment of an oil painting on canvas

The treatment process we are showing in this video was recorded in 2013, but because of a very tight schedule over the last few years i could not upload it. I just found this old video while searching for some pictures of a different project. Hope you enjoy the video and i am sure there must be many questions and even criticism. I’ll be glad … Continue reading Treatment of an oil painting on canvas