Beginning of a story writing job


“Sometimes professions are created and offered to you as a gift!”

I never planned to be a conservator (of cultural property). I was just a curious kid who wanted to know img_20170209_224557about life, how living bodies work, how the whole world works?! I had very good artistic skills too. Was doing B.Sc and just wanted to do research in biotechnology or genetics someday. But, very different course of action was getting created, that happened to (/was planned to) meet me.

“Its so very amazing that sometimes, most beautiful things that happen to us are nowhere near our thoughts (/dreams).”

No matter how you intentionally, unintentionally or because of unpleasant experiences move away from a path. the path follows you and brings in magic at most testing times. Times when only magic could rescue you! (this would be clear only when i tell my story..)

///… a thought process has begun on its lonely way down the memory lane… hope it grows and blossoms into a complete story!!!….. stories usually have an end, and some begin from the end!///




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