Rescuing Frescoes from ruins

At the edge of a jungle, we found some ruins of a temple which was still functional in adjoining more recently constructed room. Initially when i visited the site in 2008, there was another structure right in the middle of the temple complex. This structure was now (2015) totally erased from the landscape. Only a defining foundation of it was left. This central part would … Continue reading Rescuing Frescoes from ruins


noun (Colours) a reddish pigment derived from iron ore the preliminary sketch found on a rough underlayer called the arriccio on the wall, underneath the fresco    While treating very old wall paintings, i was surprised to see sinopia showing up at places different from the final figure’s outline. When i studied more and more sinopia history, purpose and real examples, i learnt that the sinopia usually … Continue reading Sinopia

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Frescoes vs Tempera

When we talk about wall paintings or mural paintings, most of us call them ‘frescoes’. This might not be technically correct for all the murals.Technically, if the painting is created ( or we can say that the colours are applied) on a lime plaster which is still wet, the painting is called fresco (Italian word which means ‘fresh’). While painting a fresco, no binder is … Continue reading Frescoes vs Tempera