Welcome to the Preservation and Conservation Professionals’ team you can rely on for the superior care, management, treatment, and handling of heritage objects, archives, architecture, and art. At our core, we specialize in designing museums, display cases, and state-of-the-art Conservation Laboratories.

Our passion and priority lie in providing comprehensive training, conducting research, and offering education in the field of Heritage Preservation.

Our Expertise  

Our main areas of expertise encompass:  

1. Conservation and Preservation of Heritage Collections: We safeguard and preserve the essence of heritage through meticulous conservation practices.  

2. Conservation of Heritage Structures: Our expertise extends to preserving the architectural marvels that define our cultural heritage.  

3. Conservation of Paintings: We breathe new life into paintings of historical and artistic significance, ensuring their legacy endures.  

4. Museum Planning: Our team is adept at creating museum spaces that harmonize preservation and engagement.  

5. Collections’ Management: We excel in managing and curating diverse collections, ensuring their historical significance remains intact.  

6. Micro-Environment Controlled Display Cases: Our expertise extends to designing and creating display cases that create a controlled micro-environment for museum objects.  

7. Fabrication of Micro-Environment Controlled Display Cases and Storage Cabinets: We craft custom solutions that protect and display your treasures optimally.  

8. Research and Education in Heritage Conservation: We are committed to advancing the knowledge and practices in the realm of heritage conservation.  

9. Conservation of Audio and Video Collections: We ensure that audio and video treasures stand the test of time.


Company History

With a legacy dating back to 1995, our company was founded by a renowned conservator. Originally registered as “Heritage Conservators Pvt. Ltd” in 2011, we assumed the name “Heritage Preservation Atelier Pvt. Ltd” in 2013.

 What we do

Over the years, we have passionately undertaken Preservation and Conservation Services for Tangible Heritage. Our portfolio includes heritage objects, structures, paintings, archives, museum collections, and private collections. We are equally committed to imparting Conservation training and consultancy services.

Strategy & Vision

 Vision statement

Our vision is to address Heritage Preservation challenges through unmatched Preservation, Conservation, and Research services.  

 Mission statement

Heritage Preservation Atelier is steadfastly dedicated to providing Ethical Conservation and Preservation services. We aspire to achieve the highest standards of Ethical Heritage Conservation in India, perpetually evolving to remain at the forefront.

We diligently adhere to the Codes of Ethics for Conservation while honoring the sentiments of the Communities whose tangible heritage we strive to safeguard.

Business goals & objectives

– Set industry benchmarks in Conservation and Preservation practices for tangible Heritage.

– Offer premier conservation and preservation services for archives, museums, collections, and heritage sites.

– Develop and procure Conservation-grade materials to support optimal Conservation Equipment.

– Provide training to empower clients’ in-house staff with preventive measures and basic conservation treatments.

– Spearhead Research and Development for optimal material and techniques in Conservation and Preservation procedures.

Products & Services


We extend Consultancy services to address Preservation and Conservation requirements for Heritage sites, Museums, and Archives. Additionally, we offer consultation for crafting Cultural, Museum, and Conservation Policies.  

Conservation Treatment Work: Our team performs Conservation Treatment Work for Heritage structures, objects, art, and Museum and Archive collections.  

Preventive Conservation Work: We specialize in Preventive Conservation Work for Heritage structures, objects, art, and collections held by Museums and Archives.  


Heritage Preservation Atelier develops Conservation products tailored to the needs of Heritage/Cultural Sites and Collections, ensuring their preventive conservation, storage, and maintenance.   Quality Policies   Heritage Preservation Atelier Pvt. Ltd. adheres strictly to the standards and Ethics defined by ICOM.  

Heritage Preservation Atelier develops Conservation products required by Heritage /Cultural Sites and Collections for their preventive conservation, storage and maintenance.

Quality policies

Heritage Preservation Atelier Pvt. Ltd. adheres strictly to the standards and Ethics defined by ICOM.

Management & Ownership


Mrs. Kamlesh Bhardwaj

Ms. Namita Jaspal 

Managing partner

Mr. Gurharprit Garcha

Company Profile_HPA 

List of Projects:

Museum Works: Planning, up-gradation and conservation

  1. Preparation of a detailed plan for up-gradation of Sanghol museum, Punjab.
  2. Conservation and preservation of the complee collection of Dev Samaj Managing Trust.
  3. Setting up of the museum with micro-environment controlled display cases for Dev Samaj, Solan, Himachal Pradesh.
  4. Conservation and mounting of miniature paintings, Kangra Art Museum, Dharamshala
  5. Restoration of wall paintings displayed at Himachal State Museum, Shimla
  6. Proposal for basic up-gradation of Ferozshah war memorial, Punjab
  7. Conservation of photograph collection of Sangrur museum, Punjab
  8. Conservation of paintings collection at Himachal State Museum, Shimla
  9. Conservation of Patiala Monorail, National Rail Museum, New Delhi
  10. Conservation of Vice Regal Dining Car, National Rail Museum, New Delhi
  11. Conservation of Prince of Whales Coach, National Rail Museum, New Delhi

Wall Painting Conservation Projects

  1. Sri Harmandar Saheb Ji (The Golden Temple), Amritsar, Punjab
  2. Thakur Satyanarayan Temple, Rampur Bushahr, Himachal Pradesh
  3. Krishna Temple, Kishankot, Punjab
  4. Radhakrishna temple, Ramtawali, Punjab
  5. Sri Hargobindpur, Punjab
  6. Shahi Samadhas, Sangrur

Textile Conservation

  1. Nineteenth century flag, Dogra Regiment, Chandi Mandir
  2. Conservation of Chola Saheb Ji (Seventeenth Century), Punjab
  3. Conservation of Dastaar Saheb Ji of Tenth Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji
  4. Textile Conservation and Preservation of Dadabhagwan Foundation, Gujarat
  5. Conservation of textile collection of Dev Samaj managing council
  6. Conservation of Angrakha of Sri Banda Singh Bahadur ji

Archival Conservation

  1. Guru Granth Saheb Ji (Eighteenth Century) — 5
  2. Janam Saakhi (Seventeenth century)
  3. Bhagwad Puraan
  4. Conservation of Drawings and blue prints, National Rail Museum, New Delhi
  5. Conservation of letters
  6. Conservation of Books, Library of Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Jullandar.

Painting and Sculpture Conservation

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