Paper and book conservation – Part 9

Finally, all the books that came to our lab have been restored and given a kind of new life. They are going back to the library tomorrow morning.

Books before conservation treatment
Books after conservation treatment



Following is a re-sharing of a summary of all the conservation processes performed in our lab:

Team Heritage Preservation Atelier had a challenging task of conservation of a set of books that could not be digitized by a library because of the extremely brittle pages and stuck up and deteriorated condition.

  1. We started with making a detailed condition assessment report. IMG_997315
  2. After initial documentation, we opened up the worn out and damaged binding and treated each and every folio individually. IMG_9559
  3. Damaged signatures were studied to figure out their number of folios and which folio needs to be joint to which other one on the other side of the signature. 20180425_120215
  4. After joining the folios, signatures were gathered for sewing. 20180324_092123.jpg
  5.  Finally, we could digitize the books in much better way with unbound and strengthened folios, before sewing them back.
  6. Sewing of the signatures was done by traditional method. 20180424_1925084466212417608105165.jpg
  7. Cover was created from acid-free board. Treated book was bound back to a healthy state. IMG_6180.jpg

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