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Paper and book conservation – Part 6

Last week we were busy tending each and every folio of the highly damaged and acidic books that we are restoring these days. Following pictures of just one of the books might give an idea of the kind of work we are doing these days with the help of our talented young staff.  

Curators are the voice of museum objects

Museum objects have so much to say! But their voice is outside their own existence.. Only curators can tell what the objects want to say, to the world, and that message should be correct! Moreover, if an object is being infested with some deteriogen, only curators can voice their pain to the doctors of the…

Paper and book conservation – Part 2

Two major problems associated with old paper manufactured during mid nineteenth century onward are: Brittleness Yellowing or darkening Breaking of paper due to brittleness (loss of flexibility to bend without breaking) generally occurs in very old paper which was manufactured from wood pulp technology. Other feature found in such old paper getting brittle, is yellowing…