Sri Harmandar Saheb Ji

Namita Jaspal Wall paintings: Tough decision making Beautiful wall paintings of sacred Sri Harmandar Saheb Ji were flaking off and crumbling when a professional advice was at last sought in 2013. Till 2013, these paintings were retouched or repaired by random staff or artists. They would just touch up the white areas left by flaked off paint. More damaging has been such touch up over … Continue reading Sri Harmandar Saheb Ji

Sikh Art- Sri Harmandar Saheb Ji

Sikh art developed around middle of nineteenth century. It has  borrowed extensively from Hindu and Muslim traditions and art forms but depicted them in their own way and in a new setting. Not much research has been done on this highly developed form of art which has its own class. I know of very few references and one PhD thesis on the art work of … Continue reading Sikh Art- Sri Harmandar Saheb Ji

Vice Regal Dining Conservation

The vice regal dinning car built by Ajmer workshops of the BB & CIR (Bombay, Baroda and central India railway) in the year 1889 is juxtaposing the luxurious special rail carriage used by the Viceroy of India then during his travel around the country. This wooden bodied dinning car was part of a five-car Vice regal train. The car bears a striking white enamel finish. … Continue reading Vice Regal Dining Conservation