Monthly Archives: September 2016

Patiala Monorail Restoration

It was a unique experience restoring the monorail at National Rail Museum in 2013. Not only the structure was restored, it was made functional too and we all took a ride on the day of inauguration.    

Old Research on Paper infecting Microbes

Namita Jaspal Some two decades back, (i) was not so good and patient with writing stuff, but the study and research that i pursued was unique and real hard work. That time, was not keen on getting pictures of myself clicked, so not much of Pictorial/Photographic record. A part of my independent research was later…

Cracks in a canvas painting due to Fungal growth

Cracks in the paint layer are a usual observation in case of Oil on Canvas paintings. They are generally due to ageing and the oil content and composition. This particular video discusses an unusual case where the cracks are mainly localized to the region that revealed many fungal colonies at the back of the canvas.…


While preserving old acidic and brittle paper, we come accross torn areas that need transparency in the mending material used because of the text or illustrations, and there are torn areas like corners or edges where transparency is not required as much as the strength to bear handling.. We have perfect solutions for both..

Conservation of a Janam Saakhi

Janam Saakhi is basically the story of life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This particular Janam Saakhi that we treated in our lab seems to be from eighteenth century copy hand written and illustrated by a very interesting artist with his style imprint spread all over the paintings. We at Heritage Preservation atelier have some…