Rescuing Frescoes from ruins

Sketch1At the edge of a jungle, we found some ruins of a temple which was still functional in adjoining more recently constructed room. Initially when i visited the site in 2008, there was another structure right in the middle of the temple complex. This structure was now (2015) totally erased from the landscape. Only a defining foundation of it was left. This central part would have been the sanctum sanctorum of the temple complex.

What is left now has got such beautiful and creative art on most of the walls that one can just imagine how beautiful the sanctum would have been.

I have just one picture of the sanctum from outside in 2008. Because of its crumbling nature i could not go inside that day, and this is one regret i have.

Photograph taken in 2008 of the sanctum, which is no more there

Whatever was left was strengthened/consolidated, treated and cleaned. We did not take any sort of colours to the site. Whatever art is left and preserved is completely original.


It needs months of work just to study and document the art and techniques used in the three rooms where art work is preserved.

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