Flaking in Miniature Paintings

Indian miniature paintings have various schools and technical differences, but most of them have thick paint layer and impasto effects. Thick paint layers tend to flake off under certain circumstances. 20180610_1502352736956447162526560.jpg

This flaking can be very unstable/powdering off or more stable in the sense that flaking is not falling off easily…

We at heritage preservation Atelier are consistently  testing the efficiency of different treatment procedures adopted in reknown conservation laboratories. How is the treatment, material and technique decided according to the reason/cause of flaking, extent of flaking and the media and binder of the paint.

Cause of flaking is very important to be understood before deciding the treatment methodology. Flaking because of intrinsic and environmental reasons call for different treatment as compared to the flaking caused by handling and creases/folding of the paper etc.

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