Touching the brave history of Punjab

through a Robe worn by Sri Banda Singh Bahadur ji: Story of the first attempt to preserve it One of the most revered heroes of our land and culture is Banda Singh Bahadur ji. Whenever i tried to write about Banda Bahadur ji, i couldn’t. I also couldn’t sleep that night. I encourage readers to know more about this real-life hero through other sources till … Continue reading Touching the brave history of Punjab


Among the many artistic disciplines that have developed in the Indian subcontinent, textiles hold a distinguished place. It is a privilege to handle such textile objects that have been worked on by individuals in the past, to experience the connection and understand their working and learning processes. Therefore, it has been a fascinating opportunity to learn about textile conservation at Heritage Preservation Atelier. In the … Continue reading INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE: PART 2- TEXTILE CONSERVATION

Conservation internship (2022) at HPA

INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE- OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING – Priya Agarwal Each painting has its own character, its own challenges and therefore requires an individual treatment. During my internship at Heritage Preservation Atelier, I had the chance to observe these variations firsthand. Being a part of HPA’s interdisciplinary environment and learning more about how science and art can coexist were two of my main reasons why I … Continue reading Conservation internship (2022) at HPA