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Some deteriogens are very nicely hidden

One of the miniature paintings we came across last month was showing some signs of biological degradation, but no active microbes were visible on the surface. This was unlike other miniature paintings of the same lot, which had visible mold on surface, specially at the back of the painting. This painting had no mold visible…

Brief record of miniature painting’s assessment and conservation

When a conservator gets art works like the above miniature painting, it is not just the damages that interest him/her, it is also the history/mythology and story depicted in the painting that attracts the conservator. Story/history/mythology apart from the technique and place in timeline/age, would scale the importance of the painting. We study a painting for…

one little observation while studying old miniature paintings

At times we find old sticky tape which leaves almost no adhesive on paper and does not make the paper brittle; instead, it makes its own plastic base brittle. Is this because of the adhesive chemistry itself or because of the pigment on the paper it is applied on?