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Preservation of a scrapbook of important records

This blog post is about the conservation and preservation of a scrapbook/album with extremely important documents, pictures and maps, that was breaking into pieces because of ageing and brittleness. During initial observations it was found that it is extremely difficult to remove the originals from the brittle backing because the adhesive had turned acidic, brown and quite insoluble. We found that the adhesive used to … Continue reading Preservation of a scrapbook of important records

Paper and book conservation- Part 1

To understand and master paper conservation, one must understand the composition and manufacturing of paper. The composition of paper and raw material in its making has varied since its invention in 105 AD in China. The timeline of paper manufacturing technique and composition as understood from various sources is as follows: The invention of paper by T’sai Lun, a member of Imperial Guard and Privy … Continue reading Paper and book conservation- Part 1

Securing the flaking-off pieces

There are many methods used to secure the falling of pieces right in the beginning , before we start with other treatment procedures of conservation. These methods are extremely helpful as they allow the conservators work with more confidence while removing the surface accumulations that are damaging as well as obscuring the art work and other relevant details. allow safe movement of the artifact while … Continue reading Securing the flaking-off pieces