Sellotape: How it deteriorates and changes with time

  What is sellotape?  Sellotape is basically a brand of transparent, polypropylene-based, pressure-sensitive tape. But, this term is also used for any such pressure sensitive tape of any brand. Sellotape is generally used for joining, sealing, attaching and mending.The older version of sellotape has shown some changes in its physical and chemical properties over a longer period of time due to ageing. Initially such tapes … Continue reading Sellotape: How it deteriorates and changes with time

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Aspergillus niger and Paper

Aspergillus niger is one of the most active cellulolytic fungi. The roll of drawings in the above picture is mainly infested by A. niger and Chaetomium sp. as identified from the cultures isolated from the deteriorating inner-side of the roll. This culture was maintained on potato dextrose agar slants. Following are the digital pictures of the portions of the slides that were studied under a … Continue reading Aspergillus niger and Paper


That peculiar smell/odor when some old books are opened, might at times be associated with mold and foxing. We come across books with foxing that may have very strong odor. All old books have vellichor, but some have stronger musty odor. Foxing is an age-related process of deterioration that causes spots and browning on old paper documents and books. The name may derive from the … Continue reading Foxing