Studying old photographs

Old photographs are not just pictures showing some image, but, their anatomy, composition, texture and information written/printed/stamped etc. tell a lot more about the time, people, techniques of photography, its stability/instability with time and how it can be preserved or treated. These days , at Heritage Preservation Atelier, we are working on a collection of photographs. An objective view of a photograph gives a lot … Continue reading Studying old photographs

Glassine stuck to a Photograph

We come across many different kind of problems associated with old black and white photographs. Fading, yellowing, redox blemishing, silver mirroring etc are some common problems with old photographs. These problems are generally due to the inherent causes or reasons present within the Photograph either because of the technique or material involved in making of the photograph. There are many additional problems that arise due … Continue reading Glassine stuck to a Photograph

A little recording from photograph conservation project of 2014

When we are handling old photographs’ collection, we must understand the simpler as well as the very technical aspects perfectly before starting any minimum or maximum intervention. We also need to keep the preventive storage or display case ready before we finish the treatment. Continue reading A little recording from photograph conservation project of 2014