Wall painting conservation

Life is beautiful and hard at the same time. This temple whose walls stood the ravages of time, survived in the middle of a jungle to tell the story of its time. How artistic, full of character and co-existing humans of its time were. What happened to the beauty? What happened to the harmony? When did the deterioration start? It also throws light on the fact that when it was being created ‘rail’ had entered India and Punjab. Though a very small corner of the painting showing a rail engine is left, but it tells us clearly what the times had been like.

Hindu mythology, Sikh Gurus, Sikh emperor, Sikh guards, British and a Rail…… All together in same room of Krishna Temple……

No matter how much (i) ignore the heartlessness, manipulative and lonely world around, it hurts beyond measure, the ignorance and rudeness of the people and authorities responsible for the up-keep of these silent voices from the past. (i) don’t know for how long i can still work in such circumstances.

Wall before conservation
Wall after Conservation
Rail on Krishna Temple wall

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  1. Excellent work, we have the same problem in sindh, i wish we could work together to save the beautiful and precious paintings in the monuments which are located in the jungle and far off areas.

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