Workshop April 2017

The April 2017 workshop was on Preventive and Curative conservation practices in museums and archives. It was a very enriching experience for both the participants and the organizers. This workshop was organized by the joint efforts of  State Museum and Heritage Preservation Atelier.

Since the museum is facing a lot of problems mainly because of the biological deteriorating agents, main focus of the presentations was on environment friendly ways of controlling as well as treating the insect pests and micro-organisms like fungi.

Best solution found was the ‘Modified Micro-environment’.
We discussed the technology and efficiency of Anoxia. Feasibility and financial issues were also discussed.

We tried to demonstrate the functioning of the Anoxia treatment.


Apart from ‘Modified Micro-environment and its requirements, conservation analysis and treatment for archival material was also discussed and demonstrated practically.

Snapshot 1 (28-04-2017 23-18)

Here are a few memorable moments from the event.



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