December 2013

Conservation and personal scene at Sri Harmandar Saheb Ji

(My personal dairy of professional and personal scenario in December of 2013)

December 2013 was strange, i had committed to start actual on-site work at Sri Harmandar Saheb Ji  and at home my father-in-law suffered second paralytic attack (he could not survive it after 27th December), son’s board exams and i was flying from Amritsar to Delhi and Chandigarh… mixed emotions and responsibilities.
I had managed to complete all the trials of cleaning and consolidation, prepare an assessment report and methodology by this month of Christmas. I’ll share some pictures from this month in Amritsar. Next three months were made bearable just because of the enthusiasm and co-operation of my team. Though i was at Amritsar from Monday to Friday, i was mainly supervising the work and giving instructions rather than climbing the huge stools to clean the ceiling for more than just test patches. All the credit for cleaning of the ceilings go to my team.IMG_20131226_115616

My hubby, Manpreet, was so kind that he told me to go and work even when his father was in ICU. He is a sensitive soul and told me to take the team out for dinner on Christmas as they might be feeling homesick!


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