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We, at Heritage Preservation Atelier invite all those who are interested in learning more about Paper conservation to meet and plan our next practical workshop on paper conservation along with theoretic lessons.
Here is what we propose as an initiative. You are all welcome to add/advise/suggest further.

Duration : 2 days (Dates in the month of October and November can be suggested in comments.)

Theoretical lessons:

  1.  Structure and chemistry of paper components       Day 1
  2. Ageing process in paper, considering all the various components separately and together                                                                             Day 1
  3. Biological deterioration of paper: Agents and how it happens at molecular and visible level                                                                      Day 1
  4. What can be done to prevent deterioration             Day 2
  5. What can be done to slow down the natural ageing process  Day 2
  6. Study of inks and pigments generally used in hand-written manuscripts    Day 2
  7. Study of print media. Microscopic and chemical study.           Day 2
    Identification of the print type by close examination

Practical lessons:

  1. Understanding the basic treatments                                       Day 1
  2. Analysis of the structural components of the paper (like the direction of the grain) Day 1
  3. Microscopic examination                                                          Day 1
  4. Detailed study of the Dry treatment methods                       Day 2
  5. Detailed study of the Wet treatment methods (including the exact ways of handling wet paper)                                                                                      Day 2

Cost : Cost covers the material and other resources provided during the workshop. It is proposed to be 5000 India Rupees. Funding available for two deserving candidates (should not be related to or employed at Heritage Preservation Atelier).

Maximum number of participants: 5
Take away notes would be provided to all participants

Author: namitajaspal
Namita Jaspal, with inherited skills of art and aesthetics and passion for science, opted to pursue post- graduation in ‘Conservation of Cultural Property’ after her graduation in Science from Delhi University in 1992. Four year intense training at National Museum Institute provided the right foundation to start a career in Conservation. She is currently practicing conservation consultancy for Heritage property including monuments and collections. She has been doing independent research in conservation techniques and procedures in Indian context. She is currently working on the conservation of wall-paintings of Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji (The Golden temple at Amritsar. The project is nearing completion and getting a lot of appreciation for the organized and ethical treatment it is providing. It is for the first time in the history of Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji (The Golden Temple) that wall painting conservation and preservation is being done in a scientific manner, keeping the codes of Ethics into consideration while decision making. Another project just completed is of the Conservation of Krishna Temple at Kishankot, Gurdaspur, Punjab. In her private Conservation Laboratory, she is not only providing onservation services, but also mentoring young aspiring conservators and archaeologists by the way of training and paid internships. She has been a guest lecturer at DIHRM (Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management). With all the updated knowledge database and innovative practical approaches relevant to the Indian conditions, she could successfully do curative and preservative treatment of very old textiles like a nine feet long flag from nineteenth century that is regarded as priceless memorabilia of second Dogra regiment at Chandi Mandir, and four hundred years old (seventeenth century) Chola Sahib Ji of Sixth Guru of Sikhs, Sri Hargobind Sahib Ji. Apart from this she has done conservation of Photograph collections, archival records, numerous paintings, manuscripts and other cultural objects. She is also involved in preparation of up-gradation proposals for museums and such organizations. Her expertise includes Conservation and preservation technologies and procedures for conservation of varied material like wall paintings, paper, photographs, textile, ceramics, stone, metal and archaeological objects.

8 thoughts on “Planning the next learning activity

  1. Hello,
    In which city the workshop is going to happen? And is there any eligibility criteria for participating also the fees and accommodation.
    Your faithfully
    Noorul Khan.

    1. This is being planned in Chandigarh, India
      We can help find suitable accommodation, but the cost has to be born by the participant.
      Though i have mentioned proposed fee, the details are yet to be finalized. The final workshop details would be published on 20th September after having discussions and a final meeting
      Best wishes

  2. Hello madam
    I m interested in this workshop. Plse provide detail info regarding workshop. Contact no +919915952685

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