Learning some textile conservation

Interns – Chetna, Subhashini, Keerat and Lovely   As a team of Heritage Preservation Atelier (HPA) we went to Dada Bhagwan Foundation at Adalaj in district Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Here we learnt and helped in managing and conserving textile collection of Dada ji in the supervision of senior textile conservator from HPA. The causes for decay in textiles can be because of : 1) Intrinsic factors, … Continue reading Learning some textile conservation

Internship Experience – June post 2

25 June 2017 Today, we (Lovely, Chetna, Subhashini) began our day by practicing the surface dry cleaning of paper and photo documentation under the guidance and supervision of Namita Jaspal Mam. PHOTO DOCUMENTATION Photo documentation is done for various purposes including condition assessment, decision making for conservation plan and assessing the success of the conservation treatment, to name a few. It is a very important … Continue reading Internship Experience – June post 2