Paper paintings and mounting issues

  We have learned while specializing in the field of conservation of cultural property (more specifically art, in the present discussion), about the specific type of material that should be used while mounting a painting on paper. The technique also matters a lot. One common technique of mounting involves creating ‘hinges’ on the mount board at the back. We come across paintings that have been … Continue reading Paper paintings and mounting issues

We need CMP and MAP in place for our museums

Museums are the priceless treasures of our nation. It is our duty and responsibility to take good care of the the tangible culture housed in museums. This cannot be done effectively if we do not have our museums’ CMP (Collections’ Management Policy) and MAP (Museum Assessment Program) in place. First thing is to understand that museums can contribute in economy. They generate employment and can … Continue reading We need CMP and MAP in place for our museums

Anoxia for Museum collections

Anoxic treatment system isolates the objects to be preserved into anoxic (without oxygen or oxygen deprived) micro environments, protects them from insects, aerobic biological threats and dust. Over the past decade many museums have increased their use of inert gases to eliminate insects from infested objects. The reasons are clear, practical experience has shown that conventional fumigants can have adverse effects on various materials, and some fumigants or their … Continue reading Anoxia for Museum collections