We need CMP and MAP in place for our museums

Museums are the priceless treasures of our nation. It is our duty and responsibility to take good care of the the tangible culture housed in museums. This cannot be done effectively if we do not have our museums’ CMP (Collections’ Management Policy) and MAP (Museum Assessment Program) in place.
First thing is to understand that museums can contribute in economy. They generate employment and can also be star attraction for tourism. They can generate revenues from local and global tourism. They can also get associated with educational and research institutes. It is important to understand that Museums are important!

Following picture speaks of so many areas of interest. It talks about the design, material and culture that is still alive in us, but in absence of our interaction with such objects, we tend to feel that past was so different in understanding of natural resources and sense of design. Visitors with varied interests find something or the other that catches their attention or help them know themselves and life better…

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