Art and Culture as Rescue and Business


The kind of involvement it takes to create an art work at the level of mind and senses, makes the activity a form of meditation. The focus and spontaneity required not only keeps the mind free of negative thought process, but at the same time creates positive vibes of satisfaction, accomplishment and  self worth.
If the person involved in this form of skill has the inherent qualities of understanding and creating  beautiful forms and colours, he/she can earn a living out of it. An important thing to understand is that, “we are not born by our choice, neither do we die by our choice, but we need to Live responsibly during the this span of life, it is very important to keep a balance of our thoughts and mind, and earn a living to live gracefully!”  Art is one of the ways to meaningful life by providing peace and a living too.
Something similar is true for art conservation…

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