Wall paintings(at Sri Harmandar Saheb Ji), as we found them before starting our work

Initially it took some three to five trips to Sri Amritsar, all by myself as a conservation expert and with managers of Sri Harmandar Sheb Ji to understand the extent of damage to the wall paintings and gold plates. Following pictures were taken by me during these earlier trips somewhere in the mid of 2013. Though i was very confident and enthusiastic about this holy work, there was definitely a hint of doubt regarding the involvement of innumerable politico-religious factors and people. In this post i will just attach the pictures i took around that time. They are neither edited nor cropped.

i feel that i was suddenly pulled in by the gravity of this place to see life, observe human thought process. I feel like i was born only after i somehow arrived here, or it was a kind of second birth of the same life form…. Work was one thing, learning was major……………..
still have a long way to attain that steady pace of understanding, judgement and decision making/action….. Usually we are too hasty in one or all of these karmas……

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