Extent of damage in wall paintings (Darbar Saheb Ji)

Since the paintings were created by Bhai Atma Singh directly over the paintings done earlier by Bhai Gyan Singh, the grip or binding to the ground (earlier painting was serving like ground layer) was minimal and there was huge amount of flaking. The paintings of Bhai Atma Singh were in turn over painted by different people in an attempt to arrest or hide the flaking!
So, the problems were many, but some people in our team were enthusiastic learners. One day i got a call from my team members regarding their inability to consolidate with the method that i described earlier, and we discussed the condition on phone itself and i just gave instructions about injecting a specified percentage of a conservation grade resin. Before i reached Darbar Saheb ji, the work was already done successfully with full photo and video documentation (I stressed on video documentation specially when i was not there). This is not some simple routine activity, experiences like this boost the confidence. This one activity encouraged rest of the team members to try it.

Gauri confidently worked on the panel (shown in the picture) which was heavily over-painted by different people in the past.

Noor Jahan worked on another challenging panel which had extensive amount of flaking.



I love these girls for the positivity they exuded and they never let it spoil their head. They are very down to earth and at the same time classy and with good taste of style.
There are many more stories to be shared with all good intentions of coming out of our ‘me/I’ thing (that was a bit more prominent in the earlier post)…

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