Workshop Concluded

Young and enthusiastic professionals from museums and cultural organizations were our guests last week and we were more than pleased to share our knowledge and understanding about the field of museum, conservation and collection management with them. 1

Ms. Seema Gera, the Curator at Govt. Museum and Art Gallery of Chandigarh and Ms. Niyati Jigyasu, Professor, Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture, Chitkara University, were the guest speakers apart from myself and the team responsible for the activities and rest of the lectures and presentations.
Main features of the workshop were following:

  1. Discussion on Collection management and Collection Management Policy
  2. a. A talk on the Condition report and Treatment record, and, what should be included in it and how  b. Important features of a textile that should be studied and added in a condition report20171220_130317
  3. Museum environmentIMG-20171220-WA0013
  4. Disaster Risk Management for MuseumsIMG_3670
  5. Dry surface cleaning methods for paper
  6. Heat and solvent activated adhesion processes for textile conservation
  7. Mild and controlled humidification method using Gore-tex

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Some relevant videos:

Finally after all the hard work we also managed to visit the Government museum and famous Rock garden. There was a dinner with live music and lively ambience just the day before our guests had to fly over to Delhi and then back home…

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