Internship Experience – June post 2

25 June 2017 Today, we (Lovely, Chetna, Subhashini) began our day by practicing the surface dry cleaning of paper and photo documentation under the guidance and supervision of Namita Jaspal Mam. PHOTO DOCUMENTATION Photo documentation is done for various purposes including condition assessment, decision making for conservation plan and assessing the success of the conservation treatment, to name a few. It is a very important … Continue reading Internship Experience – June post 2

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Frescoes vs Tempera

When we talk about wall paintings or mural paintings, most of us call them ‘frescoes’. This might not be technically correct for all the murals.Technically, if the painting is created ( or we can say that the colours are applied) on a lime plaster which is still wet, the painting is called fresco (Italian word which means ‘fresh’). While painting a fresco, no binder is … Continue reading Frescoes vs Tempera